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MODELLING is a fascinating job. A career in this profession gives you the possibility of frequent travelling, thanks to which you may meet many fascinating people and visit numerous interesting places. This is also an occasion to change your surroundings and make your name in the world. Finally, this gives you financial independence, both during your work and afterwards. It is important however, to realise that modelling is a competitive industry. You attractive look matters, but it is only hard work, perseverance and appropriate attitude that can guarantee success in the job. Undoubtedly, a professional agency that represents you plays an important role in the process. What you wear matters a lot, but appropriate diet, punctuality and creativity are equally significant. Modelling requires also a positive approach and drawing conclusions for future after each work and casting.

You must remember that contemporary standards in fashion are much higher than they used to be. A professional approach highly increases your chances of success. The intention of ENERGY Models is to guarantee you safety and to direct your career appropriately, taking into consideration your individual character. If you feel that you can meet this challenge, our modelling agency may offer you a complex assistance. Here are a couple of hints for you:
– While assessing your chances, do not get discouraged by what others think of you. Sometimes the greatest models were thought of as unattractive before that made great careers;
– Modelling can be reconciled with learning, even in foreign schools, which can be confirmed by the results of our models;
– Your parents are most welcome in ENERGY Models – we try to keep in touch with them as close as we can.

If you are a tall girl of 14-24 years and you are slim or very slim, care for your body and have some pictures of yourself, please fill in the form below and enclose your photographs, especially if you live far from Cracow. Distance is no obstacle for us – we work with girls from all parts of Poland and all over the World. The form will allow us to assess you in a more complex way. If our modelling agency decides to start co-operation with you, we will let you know within a few days. If you live in Cracow or in the surrounding area – simply call us and let’s make an appointment.

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